September 30, 2016
Nominated again for the Welsh Wedding Awards
November 3, 2016
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I was so excited to be asked to style the catwalk models for the Big South West Wedding Showin Bristol this month.
Because of the VOW front cover of the rose and copper photo shoot I got headhunted for this show which is always such a lovely compliment.

I was even more thrilled because I got to bring my team with me! We pack our things and set off for Bristol after the 5am alarm. When we arrived at the Passenger Shed they were still setting up so we got to see how huge and ornate the venue was. We had eight models to style so Bethan prepped, Laura and I styled four models each.

This job was such as pleasure because the models were amazing, the boutiques who provided the dresses allowed us to style the hair how we wanted which meant we have free reign and could be really creative and compliment the model and the dresses.
We got to watch them rehearse and had front row seats at the catwalk show which was fantastic. It was Laura and Bethan’s first session job and they thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s so great to take the skills they’ve learned back to the salon – and tell their clients all about it! There is a life behind the salon chair at our shop!