May 3, 2016
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The beauty of Session Styling is that you never know where you’ll be working. I’ve been in forests, beaches, basements, hat shops, shop windows, fields, marquees and this time I was on top of a cliff, on a wet and windy grey day at Nash Point lighthouse.

The shoot, organised by The Wedding Bazaar, was for several top bridal magazines and our theme was copper and rose gold. Our fabulous model Layla was to wear beautifully delicate lace gowns and my brief was wild romantic. Our photographers, The Barefoot Brunettes, wanted the model’s hair down and textured – I did that but unfortunately as soon as we stepped outside I knew it wasn’t going to work. This is when you have to be quick thinking and, in between frames, change the style. Speed was of the essence on this shoot as we had a limited amount of natural light and the photographers were using vintage film cameras, which was really exciting. So I quickly created a messy fishtail style and pinned the top to a beautiful copper head piece. It flowed and moved perfectly in the wind to create a dramatic image. The scene totally reminded me of Wuthering Heights.

After battling against the diminishing light, the tide coming in and trying to keep Layla warm in between shots the outcome was amazing. I got to work with another great team with Helen and Make-up Artist Natalie Jane. My husband Dan came along on the shoot and was a massive help. Everyone wanted to book him for another shoot! The images were printed in VOW magazine and I was thrilled to bits to see it on the front cover!